Soft Machine Legacy - Burden of Proof

The second studio album by Soft Machine Legacy, and the first studio recordings by the current line up of the band: Roy Babbington-bass, John Etheridge-electric guitar, John Marshall-drums, Theo Travis-tenor sax, flute, Fender Rhodes.

The band sounds more settled in, more comfortable together and more of a real 'band' with their own style now than perhaps anytime in their past. While the personnel ties to the 70s Soft Machine remain there and strong, of course, the group has come up with an electric jazz-jazz/rock sound that really is very much their own and is really great, creative jazz/rock. The Fender Rhodes really is the only thing providing a link to the 70s sound and it's there for color more than basic framework. Those hoping for a nostalgia trip may be disappointed (although, I would recommend if you are disappointed, that you play it again, without thinking 'Soft Machine' and give it its own fair chance), but those hoping for a great progressive/electric jazz release, will be thrilled. Highly and very happily recommended.
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