Speed, Glue & Shinki - Speed, Glue & Shinki

"Following on from the gutsy blues-rock groove of the band's first and probably only genuine studio release, 1971's Eve, Speed, Glue & Shinki's second release, originally released in 1972 on Atlantic and often referred to as Tiger, brought together a number of tracks not included on Eve, as well as some new recordings that took a very different musical slant. Joey Smith decided that since he could he handle himself admirably on drums, it was time to challenge a new instrument, so he bought a synthesizer. Drafting in friend Mike Hanopol to take over the bass-playing duties from the departed Masayoshi "Glue" Kabe, Smith managed to produce an album of two halves, the first being some of the strongest SGS-esque material ever, the second being some fine electronic instrumentals in the Tangerine Dream mode. Following the release of the album, Smith and Hanopol flew back to Manila to become Filipino superstars, while Shinki Chen eschewed the recording of his music in preference to live recordings and Kabe found alternative employment in the highly popular band, Pink Cloud. However, the band's legacy lives on in Tiger, a compendium of the sound of Eve and a taste of where the band might have gone had time, personalities and huge amounts of illicit drugs not exerted their influences. Housed in a unique LP-replica gatefold card wallet in a numbered limited edition of 1,000 copies only."
"We were loose... Joey would break out the drums and stuff. Even when I listen to it now I think 'what a great band.'"-Masayoshi Kabe
"...the best non-MC5 battle cry ever ('Run And Hide') and the most presumptuous-yet-wholly-successful bit of metaphor jumping ever (...instrumental suite 'Sun, Planets, Life, Moon')."-Julian Cope, Japrocksampler
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