Spring - Spring (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs

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This is one of the really collectable UK progressive discs of the early 1970's. The music is in the classic early 70's UK prog/symphonic style, and features mellotrons, heavy organ, guitar, bass and drums, with lots of singing.

This album is a little bit famous because on the original huge triple-gatefold sleeve, three of the musicians were listed as playing mellotron; this may be true, but there are not any passages with 3 mellotrons playing at the same time. Still, this is a classic, mellotron-heavy early 70's UK album.

When this was reissued on CD for the first time by The Laser's Edge in the late 80's, Ken Golden discovered 3 bonus tracks that were recorded for the 2nd, unreleased Spring album, and included those.

This version is the definitive version of this classic, as it includes all of the original album on CD one, as well as a 2nd disc with the 3 tracks first discovered in the late 80s as well as all the rest of the material for the never-released second Spring album (9 additional tracks). Also included is a lot of not known facts revealed in the essay. If you like that classic early 70s progressive sound, you have to own this one.
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