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Gentle Knife is a 10 piece band from Norway that features both a female and male singer, guitar, reeds, keyboards, bass and drums. This has a lot of the early White Willow sound; based in, but not rooted to progressive rock mixed with folk, sort of pastoral, sort of mystical and sometimes more than a little bit dark!

"Gentle Knife is a Norwegian progressive rock band counting 10 members. With both male and female vocals, guitars, synths, mellotron, woodwinds and everything else you would or would not expect, the band combines the mood of the ‘70s with a modern take on the genre. The band has a clear visual identity based in the artworks of Brian Talgo. The band has a long time perspective.

Gentle Knife’s eponymous debut recounts the tale of an ill-fated wanderer lost in the depths of a haunted forest. An 8-part suite rooted in the classic rock concept album."
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