Srinivas, U. - Mandolin Magic: South Indian Classical Music (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is an amazing release of Indian classical music at an even more amazing price, by a music who was known throughout his life as a genuine master of his instrument and of music in general. Additionally, he was known even to music fans who don't follow Indian music because of his extraordinary playing with John McLaughlin and Remember Shakti. Recommended to anyone reading this!

"Among all the musicians from Southern India, U. Srinivas occupies a particularly significant position. This maestro of the mandolin was trained in the city of Chennai (Madras), without doubt the best place to learn the musical art of the carnatic tradition. Born in 1969 in the state of 'Andra Pradesh, U. Srinivas demonstrated amazing musical abilities from a tender age and soon joined that long line of child prodigies who populate the history of southern Indian music.
Also known as Mandolin Srinivas (only the greatest players are permitted to place the name of their instrument before their own surname) he has given dignity to an instrument that only recently became part of Indian classical music, towards the end of the 19th century (although it should be stated that the five-string Indian mandolin is quite different from its western counterpart, looking somewhat similar to a small electric guitar).
Although dedicated to the tradition of his own country, he has nonetheless over the course of his career also made inroads into other musical cultures, most notably performing with John McLaughin's Remember Shakti ensemble."
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