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As "Stay Fucked", they approached Cuneiform and they were a great band with a hopeless name. Now they are a great band with a not hopeless name!

"STATS are an aggressive, stylistically omnivorous rock trio based in Brooklyn, formed in 2002 under the name Stay Fucked.
Mercy is the band's first full-length release, following a series of EPs. Tracked at Brooklyn's Strange Weather studio with engineer Ben Greenberg, the album is the most intense and ambitious STATS recording to date, ranging in style from seething post-hardcore to atmospheric doom and frenetic prog-punk. Primarily an instrumental band in the past, STATS employ vocals extensively here -- as well as synths, samples and other compelling textures -- to complement their core guitar-bass-drums palette. The result is an album of mercilessly intense yet richly detailed 21st-century rock music.
STATS has released three EPs, the most recent of which (2010's Crowned) came out on the respected Illinois metal imprint The Path Less Travelled. During more than a decade of live performance, the band has shared bills with Dysrhythmia, Buke and Gase, The Fucking Champs, Keelhaul, Mick Barr, Loincloth, Cheer-Accident and many other underground luminaries. The members of STATS have also played in bands such as Aa (Big A little a), Extra Life, Psalm Zero and Hexa."
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