Tangerine Dream - Ultima Thule CD

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“A superb collection of rare early tracks from electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream! Features 2 tracks from the '60s psych-rock band that preceded Tangerine Dream, The Ones, plus rare tracks from the early '70s era of the band when they were at their most adventurous, composing epic pieces that clocked in at over 10 minutes each such as "Asteroid Agenda" and "Overture!"”
1. The Ones - Lady Greengrass (7" Single 1967)
2. The Ones - Love of Mine (7" Single 1967)
3. Oszillator Planet Concert (1971)
4. Ultima Thule Part 1 (7" Single 1972)
5. Ultima Thule Part 2 (7" Single 1972)
6. Asteroid Agenda (1972)
7. Overture (1974)
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Great "completer" for your TD collection! Not only do you get the fun The Ones single (both sides!), you also get Ozillator Planet Concert (...and I can't even remember how many times it was promised to us fans in the past) that is like an Alpha Centauri out-take (and maybe it is?). Plus you get both sides of Ultima Thule ,untouched ,unlike the times Edgar Froese added to it on his own releases. Then two over ten minute pieces that are great for added measure! This fills the gaps in my collection ,and , except for a slight bit of "wobble" in Ultima Thule (is it a vinyl transfer?) all of it sounds GREAT. Buy it before it gets pulled off of the market. Although maybe Edgar's wife is going to be better to deal with as far as these long longed for classic early rarities. Either way this if a real treat for us fanatics, just to have all this on one disc is a relief. Why couldn't it have been sooner....we'll never know. But it's time to enjoy!
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