Tatvamasi - The House Of Words CD

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Great to see a second release from this excellent Polish band who ply the avant/progressive new music waters with a thoroughly original sound and who burst on the scene with their fine debut, Parts Of The Entirety.

This new one was professionally recorded live in front of an audience and it consists of all new compositions.

As before, the band consists of guitarist, composer and arranger Grzegorz Lesiak, tenor saxophonist Tomasz Piqtek, bassist Lukasz Downar, and drummer Krzysztof Redas, with the addition of trumpeter Jan Michalec. Recommended!

"Following their sensational debut album released on the American Cuneiform label, Tatvamasi continue their tale of success and manage to produce another piece of music, which is fascinating and highly original. The lineup, extended to quintet with the addition of the trumpeter, has more instrumental possibilities and skillfully uses that advantage on this album. All members of the ensemble contribute superb solo parts and participate in the group interplay amicably and intelligently.

The music, as usual with Tatvamasi, is quite beyond classification stylistically and merges many different cross-genre elements, mostly World Music melodic lines and repetitive chant-like progression, Rocky rhythmic patterns and Jazz improvisation. Lesiak´s guitar playing also uses electronic and ambient sound effects. The amalgamated sound produces a trance inducing environment, which allows the soloists to spread their wings and extrapolate into their personal dimensions. Hypnotic and absorbing, this music is simply irresistible.

In contrast to the three soloists, the rhythm section shows a remarkable restrain, simply driving the music skillfully ahead, but not drawing the listener´s attention away from the centerpiece. Nevertheless their contribution is an absolutely essential piece of the music, which would have been impossible without it.

Tatvamasi successfully pass the "second album" test with flying colors and hopefully will continue to produce more of their unique music in the future. As usual in such cases I can´t wait to hear their next album and in the meantime I invite every connoisseur of unusual, challenging music to get hold of a copy of this gem. Well done!"-The Soundtrack Of My Life

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