Tatvamasi - The Third Ear Music CD

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This is a compilation of live performances of mostly improvised materials by a large number of musicians as guests. Don’t start here, but if you are already aware of how great these guys are, it’s very worthwhile!

“Tatvamasi, from Lublin, Poland comes back with a brand new release of new material. And that is after their very well received last year’s album Haldur Bildur. ‘The new album - The Third Ear Music - is quite an offbeatt recording. It is a compilation of seven pieces - documentaries of some live performance experiences - that I created and registered in 2018-2019 with various musicians’ - describes Grzegorz Lesiak, the band leader and guitarist.
‘The number of invited guests is quite impressive. It all started with Vasco Trilla who may not even know it yet… It was him who directly inspired me to pursue this kind of creative method and it is thanks to him that I have invited many outstanding musicians to take part. The input of every one of them was exceptional - but what united us was being open to one another and a certain kind of curiosity towards other musicians on stage. This was all very inspirational - Lesiak elaborates on the peletone of guests. The sessions were not only about the music, for the band leader the most important aspect was the mutual stimulation: The most important thing for me was what happened in my consciousness while we were playing. The guests were sort of a catalyst - it is thanks to their presence that so many fundamental changes occured in me. This is essential, this was the objective of this project.
This album, a true stylistic cocktail with a plenitude of components, was created as a result of this project. The group reaches for improvised rock traditions, leans on ethno music, and eagerly draws on jazz pursuits that frequently border with free. Let’s not overlook that the style of Tatvamasi was widely broadened by their guests’ input. Many times I offered various solutions, I melted in with grooves, because I didn’t want it to be totally unbridled - he adds.
And the idea to name such a collaborative music with this title? The name comes from the radio audition by Henryk Palczewski who, for quite some time already, presents albums from his personal collection. He introduced me to a lot of new music. Thinking about the name for the recording I called Henryk to ask if we may use his, and - as can be seen - he agreed. And this is how this irregular series of “The Music of The Third Ear” appeared in Lublin - sums up Grzegorz.”
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