Tee and Company - Spanish Flower (mini lp sleeve/blu-spec CD)

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This is one of a trilogy of albums coordinated by label founder Tee Fuji. Its a bit of an all-star jam with members of the TBM roster. The album consists of two side long groove laden tracks that give everyone a chance to blow.

"Richly layered sounds from this wonderfully sensitive group – an ensemble from 70s Japan who really seem to find the best sort of way to allow each individual a special role in the music, while still also moving forward strongly as a group! As with other albums by the combo, the instrumentation here is really compelling – a mix of flute and clarinet from Kenji Mori, tenor and bass clarinet from Takao Uematsu, piano from Masaru Imada, 12 string guitar from Masayuki Takayanagi, tabla and percussion from Yuji Imamura, and cello and bass from Nobuyoshi Ino. The cello, tablas, and flute sound especially wonderful – working out some beautifully sensitive sounds amidst a bolder lineup in the lead."
  • LabelThree Blind Mice
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