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"Telegraph Avenue got their start when lead singer Bo Ichikawa, returned home to Peru after a six-month stint in San Francisco (thus the band name); the band's 1971 debut album (reissued as Repsychled CD 1006) soon became the best selling rock album...

Telegraph Avenue - Telegraph Avenue

"In July 1971, Telegraph Avenue's debut album appeared on the market in Peru, and became the best selling rock record of the year. The time was right for Latin rock with psychedelic touches (a fact evident all over the Americas), and Telegraph Avenue delivered: guitars saturate the amplifiers, using natural distortion and feedbacks, with Latin bass lines, powerful drums and Latin flavored percussions filling all songs with the uniqueness of their sound. Their songs sometimes sound like Grand Funk's early records, but others have vocal melodies more akin to a West Coast psych style. Now, 35-years later, Repsychled Records has the pleasure to present the definitive reissue of this album; this reissue is the first done using the original master tapes, and was remastered with tube amplifiers; it includes the original artwork in a gatefold mini-LP format, a booklet with unseen photos and souvenirs from the band's concerts, an extra insert with band biography, and an unreleased song. Limited mini cardboard sleeve edition."
  • LabelRepsychled
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