Terms - All Becomes Indistinct CD

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“The second full-length album from Chris Trull (YOWIE / GRAND ULENA) and Danny Piechocki (AHLEUCHATISTAS / JITTERS). Terms, arriving by way of Tampa Bay, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri surfaced during the pandemic as a socially distanced band - dealing in dissonance, atonality and the unknown. In the months that followed, the band pressed on, finally performing live (including a celebrated performance at 2022's NO COAST Festival) and continued to hone their craft - forging an elastic rubberbanding harmony all their own - free of safe spaces.”

"The duo commands a math rock nuclear reaction that manages to fit more riffs into a single song than most bands do throughout their entire discography" - RIVERFRONT TIMES

"Perhaps like what you might expect to find on the pavement if guitar-music, as a concept, was runover by a small truck." - FECKING BAHAMAS

"...a wild and frantic affair; brimming to the gills with mesmerizing drums accompanied by grooves that either exacerbate or alleviate the feeling that everything is about to spin out of control. But it never does!" - BEARDED GENTLEMEN

"a mind-melter of the highest order" - GHETTOBLASTER

"It comes with a crunch: skewed riffs, syncopated warmth, a feel, an edgy caress... like Jackson Pollock - that precise placement of the drip, the complete control that lets you think it isn't... This is Jack The Dripper music. This running in and out of you, running over you. This is painting spiders in your ear" - THE ORGAN
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