Cellular Chaos - Diamond Teeth Clenched

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Admiral Grey : vocals
Shayna Dulberger : bass guitar
Weasel Walter : guitar
Marc Edwards : drums

"The frantic slam of NYC quartet Cellular Chaos draws a bit on the no-wave leanings of their guitarist Weasel Walter as well as the quivering frenzy of his excellent 1990s band Lake of Dracula. But there's something of-the-moment about their sound too, especially in the urgency of singer Admiral Grey... Cellular Chaos' fire has a singular crackle, one that sounds pretty impossible to extinguish."–Pitchfork

"Cellular Chaos unfolds as rock music in its purest and most essential form. It may sound nothing like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, or Nirvana, but at its turbulent core, it distills all of the sublimated energy and frustration, the disaffected rancor and idealism, that throughout the years has induced countless people into picking up an instrument and throwing themselves around a stage in the symbolic rejection of everything that’s been pissing them off recently."–Tiny Mix Tapes
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