Thank You Scientist - Stranger Heads Prevail CD

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This is the 2nd full length release from this NJ based, modern 'progressive rock and more' septet and their first since hooking up with the label of one of the members of Coheed and Cambria, bringing them to the attention of a wider audience.
Their music is very 'song' based, but features some great playing and tons of cool tricky instrumental bits both within and outside of the sung sections of the songs. Very modern, extremely well done and complex, yet oddly accessible. Hugely recommended and go see them live; they are amazing and fun!
Salvatore Marrano: Vocals
Tom Monda: Fretted and Fretless Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Shamisen, Cello, Vocals
Russell Lynch: Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Vocals
Andrew Digrius: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Vocals
Ellis Jasenovic: Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Greg Colacino: Bass
Odin Alvarez: Drums and Percussion

  • LabelFlying Jangus
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