Parmenter, Matthew - All Our Yesterdays

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Matthew is - of course! - the charismatic leader of the great, dark, modern , progressive / symphonic rock band Discipline.

This is his 3rd solo album and, as you might expect, it sounds a lot like Discipline, minus the great band behind him.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, I personally like Discipline more, but this release finds a unique talent we hear from too rarely, in fine voice and song.

'Matthew Parmenter - the main man behind renowned Detroit-based progressive rock band Discipline - releases his third solo album.

All Our Yesterdays is a stunning piece of work, best experienced as a single, all-encompassing musical odyssey. Each track can be taken on its own individual merit but the full, immersive effect is most evident when they're all heard in succession. The listener is transported on an allegorical journey and emerges transformed at the close of the album.

Apart from four tracks on which Paul Dzenzel appears on drums, Matthew sings and plays all the instruments, yet the album still has the feel of a full rock band."
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