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Thompson, Linda - Proxy Music CD

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If nothing else, whoever came up with the cover idea deserves an award.

“The revered British singer/songwriter Linda Thompson’s latest project is a rather unique proposition. On the aptly named Proxy Music, Thompson shares 11 previously unrecorded original songs that have been recorded by members of her family, long-time friends, and admirers. Thompson, who has a rare vocal condition that limits her singing capabilities, and her son, the talented singer/songwriter (and album co-producer) Teddy Thompson, hand-picked artists to perform this new set of tunes by “proxy.” “Everybody was somebody we felt was right for the song,” Teddy explains. Vocalists include Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, Eliza Carthy, The Proclaimers, John Grant, Dori Freeman, The Unthanks, and Ren Havieu. They’re joined by many talented members of the Thompson family: Teddy and his sister Kami, Kami’s husband James Walbourne, Linda’s grandson Zac Hobbs, and her ex-husband Richard.
Linda Thompson, who Rolling Stone hailed as having “one of rock and roll’s finest voices”, has released numerous acclaimed albums, both solo and with Richard Thompson. Proxy Music, however, impressively showcases her wide-ranging songwriting prowess. Songs like “Bonnie Lass” and “Mudlark” could easily be mistaken for traditional English folk ballads, while “Darling This Will Never Do” feels drawn from an early 20th century cabaret songbook. The standout track, “John Grant,” finds John Grant himself singing wittily about a real-life encounter he had with Linda. The amazing ode, “Those Damn Roches,” offers an equally humorous and poignant portrait of several folk music familial dynasties including the Thompsons. “Music in my family It’s like glue. It binds us,” she reveals, while adding playfully - “quite hard to wash off though!”
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