Tigre Des Platanes - Disappearing

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Really great, noisy, electric jazz quartet from Paris. The group consists of
Piero Pepin-trumpet, bugle, keyboards, vocals
Marc Demereau-alto & baritone sax, synths, vocals
Matthieu Sourisseau-double bass
Fabien Duscombs-drums
While they don't sound anything like them, in a lot of ways, this reminds me of the great French trio Jean Louis; definitely jazz, but at times the bass is hugely over-driven, there is a lot of electronics and smeary noise and the whole thing just rocks! So, yes, jazz, but heavily electric and very contemporary.
In addition to all the originals, the title song of this album is a great, stompin' version of "Disappearing", the 2nd track off of the great "Memory Serves" by Material!
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