No Noise No Reduction - Aux Doux Combat Me Joindre

This is the first release by this 'low end' saxophone trio from Toulouse, France. Consisting of composer Marc Démereau on baritone sax and Marc Maffiolo and Florian Nastorg on bass saxes (!), this is not a jazz or improvised music release; it really has more in common with rehearsal intensive avant-rock music, ala, say "Blast" while still allowing some room for solos.
Fairly indescribable beyond what I've said above; with these three POWERFUL low-end saxes pushing out the riffs, it rocks a lot more than you would expect it to, considering there are no drums and also no...anything but low-end saxes!
Unless you are allergic to saxes, this is highly recommended to new music fans.
  • LabelFreddy Morezon
  • UPC3760159750146
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