Tippett, Keith - The Unlonely Raindancer

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“The Unlonely Raindancer is undoubtedly a beginning, it is also an enigma. More than its means. The seminal first solo album by Keith Tippett released by Universal Productions in 1980 is a live recording from the previous year’s short tour of the Netherlands. The audience applause was edited out, leaving the listener with the intensity of one lone musician literally improvising into composition.
The word ‘unlonely’ could be described as uneven grammatically, but given nuance by juxtaposing the reality of a man ‘on the road’ vs no family or friends to accompany him (except producer, engineer and driver Rob Sötemann). The title of track 3, Thank God For My Wife And Children bears witness to the yin and yang of loneliness turned under, celebrating being ‘unlonely’. Forty years on, it returns as a circle dance of choreography; in 2016 Discus Music released Keith Tippett Octet’s The Nine Dances Of Patrick O’Gonogon.
Mr Tippett recently told me he believes Raindancer “set the template” for all his later solo performances. Aspects of all these recordings have their roots in what took place on that ‘unlonely’ Netherlands tour in 1979. No money to pay for his usual sidekicks, instead a road trip into Europe where Keith Tippett connected with the solo strength of his own psyche (or if you prefer - soul). For any artist/musician who takes that journey it’s a distance longer than any list of one nite-stands. Ride the speed of The Muted Melody; discovery is dizzy.”-Steve Day, February 2019
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