Trio Caveat/Josh Sinton - Introspective Athletics/Pine Barren

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Trio Caveat: James Ilgenfritz-bass, Chris Welcome-guitar, Jonathan Moritz-tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone.
Josh Sinton-baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet.

"I'm always looking to drag the genre of jazz music out of its self-imposed ghetto so doing a split CD helps tie it to punk and indie where I see points of connection.
The first half by Trio Caveat is a bass/sax/guitar recording in the spirit of Oval's O released on Thrill Jockey in 2010. Instead of scratching discs and a computer to make abstract sounds, the musicians use technique and make sounds in the moment with each other. Song titles like 'Clicks, Beeps, Buzzing' and 'Fluttering Clicks, Fractured Hisses' reflect this spirit of acoustic sound manufacturing.

The second recording is a solo effort by Josh Sinton (note to Cuneifans: Josh is leader of Ideal Bread) called Pine Barren, which I thought would be a good come down from a chunk of interwoven, thoughtful sound from Trio Caveat.

My label is committed to releasing new voices in jazz. Everybody starts somewhere and two recordings is double the jazz for the same price. That leaves the often overlooked listener/music lover. Times are tough - the cheddar does not flow as before, the cake is smaller and doesn't rise as high as it did. I understand that and want to give you what I can give - more creative music for your entertainment dollar."-Steven Walcott, Engine

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