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"We were suitably impressed by the previous release from psychedelic prog/folk band Tusmørke, and they’re now back with their next effort Hinsides and it’s another stunning offering from them. There’s something quietly stunning about how they approach their music and it’s a pleasure to listen to as a result.
There’s a little more colour and embellishments to their music this time round, making for a little more variation in the piece, and there’s a hypnotic beauty to it all. The combination of the haunting vocals with the psychedelic instrumentation – particularly the flute – is absolutely magical, to say the least.
A particular highlight of the piece comes in the closing track Sankt Sebastians Alter, which is perhaps a more melancholic number, and it really helps to close the release on a high. The opening melody will give you goosebumps from the tone (and is also rather catchy, so you may well find yourself humming along to it after a while!) and it just progresses tremendously from there – the way certain melodies repeat in both the vocal and instrumental lines is absolutely fantastic, and the amount of variety and styles presented within the 23-minute duration is something to behold as you never quite know what will happen next!
All in all, a top-notch release from this talented band. Tusmørke have created something stunning with Hinsides."-Soundscape Magazine
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