Twelfth Night - Smiling At Grief : Revisited CD

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Brian Devoil: drums
Geoff Mann: vocals
Clive Mitten: bass & keyboards
Andy Revell: guitar
Rick Battersby: keyboards

Smiling At Grief was recorded at Woodcray Manor Farm Studios, Berkshire in November 1981, and released on cassette in 1982.

“TWELFTH NIGHT’s 1982 Smiling At Grief album was the first music released with new vocalist, Geoff Mann. With the 40th anniversary arriving in 2022, it was decided to celebrate Smiling At Grief by releasing a ‘brand-new’ version, by asking friends and peers to remix the album using the original master tracks.
The response was amazing as contributions were received from Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Peter Jones (Camel), Simon Godfrey (Tinyfish), Tim Bowness & Brian Hulse, Rob Reed (Magenta), Karl Groom (Threshold), Andy Tillison (The Tangent), Lee Abraham & Stu Nicholson, Dean Baker (Galahad), Gareth Cole (Fractal Mirror), Paul Hodson and Mark Spencer. Some are straight remixes, some enhanced with new instrumentation, and some have been radically reworked, to produce an album that will be treasured by all prog rock fans.
“This is easily my favourite period of Twelfth Night, when the band were reaching for some kind of new wave / progressive hybrid - and successfully so, they really captured something of that moment in time, both the past and the future. Even if these were meant to be quick and dirty demo recordings it’s been great to be given the chance to elevate the sonics a little (hopefully!)“-Steven Wilson - Feb 2022
Running to over 70 minutes the CD features the same 9 tracks as the LP version as well as 7 bonus tracks, including 2 more mixes by Steven Wilson. The booklet includes all the lyrics as well as original artwork by Geoff Mann. As with the LP only 500 copies of the CD are being pressed so it will be a sought-after limited edition!”
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