U.K. - Alive In America

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Eddie Jobson-keyboards, electric violin
John Wetton-bass, vocals
Allan Holdsworth-guitar
Bill Bruford-drums

This well known live recording is taken from a broadcast recorded September 11, 1978 from Boston, MA on the band’s first US tour.
It was previously available as part of the super-duper-deluxe-oh U.K. box set that is no longer in print and this is, sadly, the only trace of UK in print outside of Japan
It’s also the band with Allan and Bill, which was, imo, by far the superior version of the band.

“The original UK lineup live. In addition to material from the self titled debut, this lineup performs material that would come out on the Danger Money release as well. It proves how much better of an album that would have been if Holdsworth and Bruford had stayed around.”-rym
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It was actually July 11th!
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