Van der Graaf Generator - Still Life 2 x CD + 5.1 / hi-res DVD-A (expanded)

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After a 3 year lay-off, Van der Graaf Generator came back with the original four members (Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton, David Jackson and Guy Evans) but with a change in sound.
Still Life was the second of the three albums that the mk. II band would release.

“Three disc (two CDs + DVD-A) edition of the classic album from Van der Graaf Generator. Remastered from the original first-generation master tapes featuring a new stereo mix and 5.1 Surround sound mix by Stephen W Tayler and additional bonus tracks.”
Bonus tracks:
[Wales, 5/10/75]
Still Life
La Rossa
[BBC 4/1/1976]
Still Life
Childlike Faith In Childhood’s End
[Paris, France, 1976]
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