Various Artists - Cornflake Zoo 20 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“As the world spins out of control and our esteemed global leaders seem bent on building walls and knocking down bridges, we are on our own. So, before the tanks roll in and Armageddon tweets, here's your chance to hear something that is beyond their understanding... and not quite so destructive.
Episode 20 is an international war of words and power chords with hooks and swipes from South America, Asia, Europe and beyond. Oh, and a couple of Brits who may be European... or not... Hang on, hold tight, we just might make it through somehow... 20 tracks released between 1966-1970. Features The Blue Caps, Mel Williams, The Black Jacks, The Blue's Men, League 66, Les Marquis, Les Serpents Noirs, Crni Biseri, The Knacks, Maquina, John's Followers, The Light Stones, Topmost, The Flames, Kadikoy Ticaret Lisesi, and Topmost.
Includes a 20-page full-color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs.”
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