Veljeni Valas - Veljeni Valas CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

Unique and good album of music by a group (guitar, sax, percussion) that started their life as a strictly improvised group, but by the time they made this, their only album so far, some structures and melodic materials had also found their way into the sounds.

"This Finnish trio is an interesting combination of jazz, post-rock, and a few poses copped from the entities that are Tangerine Dream and U2. Sneer if you will but this is the stuff well dressed college kids will be wetting themselves over once one or two taste makers discover it. Consisting of J-P Linna (Guitar), Pekka Saarikorpi (percussion), & Joonas Outakoski (sax), Veljeni Valas keeps true to their original improvisational esthetic by allowing the sounds on disc to go wherever the hell they want to; the percussion is tribal at times, the guitars recall exploratory, ‘alternative’ 80s rock, while the sax work alternates between offering melody and providing some heavy ambiences to what could be a limiting guitar/drum mix. This is the type of collaboration that gives prog a good name. As for the performance aspects of the disc, the three play well off each other; there’s little showboating or stepping on toes, but the stand out player of the album though has to be Saarikorpi. There are parts of the disc that are flat out drum demo recording… in a good way. The trilogy of Herääminen/ Tanssiinkutsu/ Tanssit Aamunkoitteessa showcases some of the best avant tippy tapping & hammering I have heard in a long time. As engaging as this disc is, I am very curious to hear the music that was created when the group was incorporating electronics in the mix. Talk about adding to an already good thing."-Foxydigitalismagazine
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