Pyle, Pip / Equip Out - Up! CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Pip Pyle-drums
Paul Rogers-double bass
Elton Dean-alto sax and saxello
Sopia Domancich-piano

Until this reissue, this was a very scarce album from the early 90's, very similar in spirit & intent to Soft Heap or Soft Head.

"A real gem from jazzier climes than we've heard for a while. Equip Out's debut album from 1985 (with Pyle, Dean, Hopper and Malherbe) was not a totally convincing amalgam of several Canterbury luminaries: the parts were greater than the sum. This second album, however, throws off the shackles of its pedigree and flows. Elton Dean in full flight is a fine sound: his finest moments, in my book at least, have been as the soloist in semi-free jazz(y) quartets. Soft Machine, Soft Head and now Equip Out bear testament to this. 'Cauliflowers Ears' (on which Phil Miller took the solo in its previous incarnation with the Hatfields TV performance) demonstrates him at his lyrical best. The album is also a performance of great composure by keyboard player Sophia Domancich: previous excursions into the public eye (notably the Hatfields TV 'reunion') haven't seen her at her most relaxed. It's the wonderfully understated piano on her own composition 'Bimbo' that really states her class. This track features meanderings by double bassist Paul Rogers. Improvised bass solos aren't always riveting: this one benefits from a sympathy with the ambience of the piece and works rather well. Above all, it's omnipresent drummer Pip Pyle who refuses to be put down - maybe his residency in France has allowed him to steal a march on Magma's Christian Vander. Drummer-led bands, even jazz combos, are rare - Equip Out prove that it can work."-Facelift
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