Watch - Seven

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Giorgio Gabriel / electric guitars, 6 & 12 strings acoustic guitars, classical guitar
Valerio De Vittorio / keyboards, Hammond L122 organ and synthesizers
Simone Rossetti / vocals, mellotron, synthesizers, flute
Mattia Rossetti / bass guitars, bass pedals, electric guitars, vocals
Marco Fabbri / drums and percussion
Steve Hackett (Genesis) / acoustic 12 string guitar

The Watch (originally The Night Watch) are a Italian band who started their life as a Gabriel-era cover band and then later developed their own material and sound, while still retaining very strongly the sense and blend of acoustic, pastoral-but-capable-of-really-rocking sound of classic Genesis.
I've seen them play (doing all originals) and they were great, convincing and fun and they are definitely a force to be reckoned with to progressive rock / symphonic rock / Genesis fans.
This is their seventh album and is all originals, with one exception: they cover Steve Hacket's The Hermit and feature Steve as guest on that track!

"Seventh studio album for the Watch, the italian tribute band to classic Genesis (1969-1980). The original albums from The Watch have always been really well crafted in a Genesis-Gabriel era style. An awaited album! The band’s seventh studio album, three years after their last studio effort (Tracks From The Alps) and after endless touring on both sides of the Atlantic, is simply called Seven and it boldly explores seven lush new sonic and lyrical landscapes as only The Watch can.
Each track has its own distinct flavour and stretches the band’s sound in new directions whilst maintaining that classic Watch sound. The eighth track is an intimate revisiting of The Hermit, featuring the guitar brilliance of none other than Steve Hackett himself."
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