West, Rich - Heavenly Breakfast (Mega Blowout Sale)

"Drummer/accordionist Rich West returns for a second pfMENTUM release, Heavenly Breakfast. This dangerous quintet includes Emily Beezhold's keyboards, Bruce Friedman on trumpet, Dan Krimm, electric bass, and reed renegade Lynn Johnston. West's compositions lend themselves well to the ambitextural potential of this electro acoustic ensemble, providing both points of departure and reasonably safe landings."-All About Jazz. Rich is a composer and drummer who works in the 'jazz/not jazz' category; there are a lot of jazz elements to his work, but I can guarantee you that Wynton and the small minded will not be offering Rich and his band a gig at Lincoln Center anytime soon. This is a safe bet for adventurous, composed rock fans as well. "Heavenly Breakfast is a novel/autobio by Samuel Delany about communal living but it reminded me about how happy I was when I would visit my friends' cooperatives in Santa Cruz. The food was vegetarian and excellent. The meal would cost a dollar and I'd help either in the kitchen or at the dining table. And then the circular massages. It definitely takes a certain type of person to be involved in those things on a day-to-day basis. I was not one of them."-Rich West. Recommended!
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