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Official CD edition from the master tapes.

“Choice classics "turned on” c. 1970 with the Moog Synthesizer and other electronics by Ruth White. Unlike White's previous albums, which featured some out-there and highly experimental original music, this time it is all cover versions of selected classical compositions. The album is still haunting in its own way. White's arrangements are often minimal, and even occasionally employ some atonal effects to give them a somewhat off-kilter vibe. Even when it’s cheerful and fun, the album is much less “mellow” than Wendy Carlos’ "Switched-On Bach" and features a much more diverse selection of tracks from a wide variety of composers.”

"Electronic composer and innovator Ruth White is considered among today’s most gifted arbiters of what is termed “the new music.” Formally educated in piano and composition (she has three degrees from Pennsylvania’s Carnegie Tech), Miss White discusses her work in her Southern California studio: “I do not have a formal classical electronic background— that is self-taught. In fact, I was careful not to study electronics with anyone. Because I have been working in recording for many years, I felt that there was a directness of approach that I wanted to develop which was totally missing from the electronic scene in classical music.” —From the back cover of “Short Circuits” LP (Angel Records, 1970)

“Looking for an American Delia Derbyshire? you might consider RUTH WHITE — who for man is the queen of early electronica. Her sounds were unique in their dark, experimental glory. Though Ruth White stated herself that she never tried to make creepy music, nonetheless, she did just that — "just to show what her equipment could do.” White's entire discography is an excellent choice for those interested in exploring the history of electronic music.
With the creation of her own studio White could develop her own brand of electronic music, which explored new timbral and harmonic resources without renouncing the order and logic instilled by her classical training. White once wrote about her studio; “… it is my own personal place. No one else works in it. It is fairly well equipped. several multichannel tape recorders (including 2 new Ampex AG 440 machines), a Moog synthesizer (purchased directly from Robert Moog), oscillators, modulators, electronic organ and electronic clavichord, two pianos, a harpsichord and variable speed and reverberation devices are only a part of the list of machines that i have gathered.”
While being an accomplished musician, she had no training on electronic musical instruments. White wrote; “…it occurred to me that I was really hearing pure experiments with noise … or unorganized sound. The break-through of the noise concept was very important. I began to realize the fantastic potential for expanding our musical vocabulary if we could draw upon the new techniques for capturing and making noise. If we could find ways to manipulate these materials, it seemed we could bring them into the musical language in a meaningful way. This could be a breath of fresh air… new life for our musical systems, which had for a long time felt thin and lifeless to me.”
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