Wilson, J. Frank / The Cavaliers - Last Kiss: Definitive Collection CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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J. Frank Wilson had only one hit, but it was a huge one! With his band the Cavaliers, he brought Wayne Cochran's teen-death melodrama "Last Kiss" to the upper reaches of the American pop charts in the fall of 1964 — a million selling record subsequently covered successfully by Wednesday and Pearl Jam. During the fall of 1964, the charts were dominated by the British Invasion, particularly the Beatles, so it was quite a feat for Wilson & the Cavaliers to scale such great heights. Inevitably, such sudden fame caused problems. In particular, Wilson now believed that he was superstar. In Janick's interview, Sid Holmes says that Wilson indulged in "sex, booze, (he was) up all night.”
This CD contains twenty-five tracks J Frank Wilson originally recorded in the early '60s, including "Hey Little One," "Tell Laura I Love Her" and his biggest hit from 1964 "Last Kiss." The collector will be pleased with the choice of material on this disc as it contains previously unreleased mixes.”

“"Last Kiss" was a 1964 autumn rock hit that went to number one in the Cash Box ratings, and number two on the Billboard magazine rankings. "Baby Love" by the Supremes was its competition at the time. "Last Kiss" was a "tragic car crash" kind of song, like "Tell Laura I Love Her" and "Teen Angel." I now live in San Angelo, TX where the song (and a bunch of others on this CD) were recorded. The building housing the studio still stands, but is no longer a music studio. Four musicians played on it behind vocalist J. Frank Wilson, and two of them are still alive and living here. The group, "The Cavaliers" lasted longer than Wilson in the music business, but "Last Kiss" was their only chart hit. It's a great song for that era, and the covers of other early '60's rock classics on this disc are generally also done well.”-William E Adams
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