Various Artists - Cornflake Zoo Episode 25 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Welcome all to the penultimate episode of the intrepid yet foolhardy series that is or was Cornflake Zoo (or was it?). A ‘yellow brick road’ to a world of glorious bygone pop from the European continent that shall sit in thy inner sanctum for all time.
Dustin E and the dusty collecting tribe present a feast of delightful discovery and redemption to nurture the senses in troubled times. Take solace and isolate with the evaporated milk of human kindness, a teabag and some good ol’ noise.

1. David Terry The Mole And The Flower 1968
2. Prince John Little Indian 1968
3. The Shakers Sing This All Together 1968
4. Hide And Seek Riven Street 1969
5. The Stoneagers I Don’t Want Nobody 1967
6. 14 Restless Feeling One Hour After Dinner 1966
7. The Mascots Tell Me Lady 1967
8. The Hurricanes Love In Minor 1967
9. Los Amis What Have You Seen 1970
10. The Bats Rip Van Willy 1968
11. Adrian I Saw That Girl 1968
12. The Islanders Beat The Clock 1968
13. Mothers Love Mad Man’s Worries 1967
14. The Klan And I Love It So 1967
15. Roek Williams And The Fighting Cats Take Your Time 1966
16. Rocking Ghosts Flowerman 1967
17. The Hunters Strange Things Appear 1968
18. Olympic Back To Love 1969
19. Daddy’s Act Look And Find 1969
20. Science Poption Monica 1967
21. The Shakers Family Way 1967
22. The Vanguards I Think I’ll Disappear 1968
23. Tages Extra 1966
24. The Motions Memories O’ Fair-haired Mary 1968
25. Dallics Everybody’s Nobody 1969
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