Winstone, Norma - It's Later Thank You Think

For my money, despite her relatively small output, Norma Winstone is *the* voice of Brit-jazz, with her great work on early, seminal classics by Mike Westbrook, Michael Garrick, her own Edge of Time album from 1972 and then later on to her work with Azimuth and her solo album on ECM from the late 1980s. This album is arranged by Colin Towns. Colin is a well known and respected UK jazz big band arranger and composer, although he's pretty unknown outside of Europe. I must say that it is very much a 'modern big band' album, for better or for worse, and those of you who don't like that sort of thing won't be so interested in this album, but she's such a great talent and this album is so completely unavailable in North America, that we brought a few in for her fans, and while I would never venture that this is my favorite of her works, one listen to Take The Floor will also tell you that there's still a lot of potential for great albums from Norma.
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