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First-ever vinyl reissue of this classic, total art-punk/art-damage title.
When Henry Cow fell apart in the summer of 1978, the main players in the band dispersed. Fred Frith left England to settle in NYC for a good number of years, getting involved the then just beginning to evolve 'downtown' sound, recording three excellent and high-profile albums for Ralph Records, forming first Massacre and then Skeleton Crew. Chris Cutler formed the Art Bears and also was an important member of Cassiber. Lindsay Cooper and Georgie Born did a lot of musical improvising and John Greaves had already begun his solo career. So, a lot of great projects from all of these musicians. But for me, possibly the best, most unexpected and most radical of all the immediate offshoots of Henry Cow was Tim Hodginson's band The Work.

Abandoning keyboards and teaching himself to play 'flat guitar' (Hawaiian-style guitar played flat on the lap with a slide) and still playing reeds, but also adding vocals for the first time, the (not true) legend circulating at the time about the band was that he found 3 non-musicians and taught them how to play from scratch, ala the Magic Band (also a not-true legend). While this was not the case, the music was so amazing and mostly so idiosyncratic that it was easy to believe this 'urban myth'. This was their amazing first album, from 1981. Note: I love this band and I love this album, but it isn't an easy listen, especially if you want vocals that sound 'nice'. Highly recommended anyway!

"Slow Crimes is a little-known treasure of transformative magnitude. The Work were formed in 1979 by saxophonist Tim Hodgkinson (following the dissolution of Henry Cow), guitarist Bill Gilonis, bassist Mick Hobbs, and drummer Rick Wilson, although Slow Crimes showcases each member on a variety of instruments. Also featured is Catherine Jauniaux on guest vocals throughout the album. The Work's inaugural LP release, Slow Crimes is so rabidly articulate that it presides over and resides in a world very much unto itself. While falling within the loosest guidelines of "post-punk," the term is a misnomer, for the textural intricacies and distinct deliberacy throughout Slow Crimes bespeak both an utterly unique collective identity and a startling fluency with its own language. It takes the vibrant urgency of punk rock and catalyzes it into a continually fascinating mosaic. This reissue includes a bonus 7" with concurrent compilation tracks "Anxious About Meaning" and "One Swallow."
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