Yaan-Zek, Phi - Interdimensional Garden Party CD

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Phi Yaan-Zek - guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass, percussion
Lalle Larsson - keyboards
Bryan Beller - bass
Steve Lawson - bass
John Jowitt - bass
Jack Humphries - bass
Andy Edwards - drums
Morgan Agren - drums, percussion
Matt Ingram - drums
Marco Minneman - drums
Mike Keneally - guitar, vocals
Ellie Williams - vocals
Rob Groucutt - vocals
Bryan Corbett - trumpet, trombone
Ola Olsson - trumpet
Megumi Dee - violin, viola
Giancarlo Trismegistus - tenor sax
Chanan Hanspal - guitar
Bigfoot - vocals, stomps
The Puffball Village Chorus - vocals

“You are invited to the 'Interdimensional Garden Party' - a rhythmic fiesta of guitar-driven psychedelic prog rock fusion featuring a wonderful array of stunning musicians. Come and taste the vibrant brew of trippy rock songs mixed with wildly imaginative instrumental music that alludes to everything from 'Pink Elephants On Parade' to Frank Zappa's albums from the 70s. Join the party - all are welcome!”
  • LabelGeomagnetic
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