Yamoto, Eri - Sparks 2 x CDs

SKU 39-CD-MAHA-027
Eri Yamamoto - piano
Chad Fowler - stritch & saxello
William Parker - bass
Steve Hirsh - drumset

“Sparks – it's what flew when Eri Yamamoto, Chad Fowler, William Parker and Steve Hirsh got together on a warm October afternoon in Brooklyn. Yamamoto had an established musical relationship with Parker, but met Fowler and Hirsh for the first time an hour before they hit. Fowler, Parker and Hirsh had just finished two days of recording, and Fowler had been recording for four of the previous five days. But none of that mattered when they started playing. The energy was high and the music flowed. All the music on this 2-CD set was created during this recording session, with no previous plan or discussion. Even Bob's Pink Cadillac, which has appeared on an earlier Parker record, was given a new treatment. The songs on the CD are presented on the order they appeared at the session. The music on this project is melodic and accessible – not just for those already conversant with the language of “free jazz”. Listeners can feel the electricity, just as it was generated on that lovely autumn day.”
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