15.60.75 (The Numbers Band) - Jimmy Bell's Still In Town

"For 30 years, in a small town 40 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio, The Numbers Band have kept the blues alive. Where the guardians of the form starved it of innovation, 15-60-75 nurtured abstract evolution. Where the priests of Budweiser Blues droned old catechisms by rote, 15-60-75 aspired to vision. They play blues reimbued with meaning, purged and purified by flame, shorn of every superfluous moment, sound or word. Because their songs are compiled across a series of markers -- words, sounds, phrases and pauses -- they don't count measures and can't outline the structure of their own songs to an outsider. For the blues, a form routinely approached as a compendium of formulas, this is startling, and it means that any change of personnel necessitates months of not just relearning but rewriting every song. It is a methodology from another planet -- Don Van Vliet and Sun Ra come to mind. It is form dedicated to vision."-David Thomas, Pere Ubu.
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