48 Cameras - I Swear I Saw Garlic Growing Under my Father's Steps

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"48 Cameras is a project around a nucleus of Belgian musicians who, as they work on new material, invite musicians from all over the world and from different styles and backgrounds. Basically, most of the music is built around an ambience more than a written structure. Working in this way, the guest musicians can fit in without being limited by a pre-defined style, and bring their personal approach, giving each other piece a pronounced character and colour. All the guests are prestigious. There is GĂ©rard MALANGA whose artistic domain goes from photography to poetry. He has worked with Andy WARHOL, and as "official" photographer has done portraits of Mick JAGGER, William BURROUGHS, Iggy POP, and many others. There are also John FINEY and David COULTER, members of the POGUES. David COULTER has worked with a great number of prestigious artists, and the same applies to all the other guests on this album. If all these guests are on this album, it isn't just a coincidence; it is because basically, 48 Cameras proposes a musically receptive context and a rich and wide musical horizon. Sometimes, a piece such as "First Study For A Portrait Of Paul Buck" might remind the listener of Massive Attack, and some other pieces of Third Ear Band or Portishead, maybe Bjork. In this way, the pieces form a suite of events that move smoothly from one world to another. The contrast between the pieces is makes this record a unique reference, close, but not the same as, current musical movements."
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