48 Cameras - After all, isn't Tango the Dance of the Drunk Man?

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"48 Cameras have this faculty to have with each album another personnel of musicians, a pallet of artists from different styles, out of the usual frame, not concerning only musicians...The whole driving through exchanges on internet, to lead to a result whose participants make the discovery only when the final stage is reached. Each artist brings his characteristic hue, and this without limits such as writting or structures. The game between the instruments is based on an interaction that leads to a sound, a feeling, some adventure without precise route. On this 8th album of the collective, there are prestigious guests. For this recording, the vocal part is still marked by personalities. Indeed, the presence of Sandy DILLON and Carrie Ann VESICA PISCIS, gives to this recording a value the the experts will appreciate. But there is also the bewitching voice of Pascale TEMPELS, who once more is reaching the listener straight to the heart. With this album, the accent is laid on a wanton environment with almost no rhythms. It is a moving sound that gives the direction and the speed of the voyage. The conventional instruments can thus slip such as chameleons, and melt in the ambient torpor. No need to juggle, or make a demlonstration of virtuosity, just lay down a few notes, fresh like drops of morning dew, and clear as crystal. Here, one returns towards an introspective and poetic world, towards concepts where you'll discover here and there the shadow of "Third Ear Band" crossing into the story, the kind of world including lots of microcosms. Very acoustic, with lots of external sounds, which however are melted in the acoustic color at such point that it is not impossible to take one for the other."
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