Ahleuchatistas - The Same and the Other (expanded)

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The below was obviously written by me a long time ago, when this album was first released and before our association with the group and also before the original, small label edition went out of print and Tzadik picked it up for reissue (in the "Full Force Composer Series" - yes, sir!) which includes bonus material. If you don't already own it, you've got no excuse now! But it does convey some of the amazement, excitement and stylistic confusion that this band gave to me upon stumbling across them with no warning.

I first discovered the Ahleuchatistas the same way I sometimes discover great bands; at a show. They were sharing the stage with Larval in Baltimore and even though it was a Tuesday night and it was very, very late, from the moment they hit the stage, I knew that I had to stay and watch them.
They are a young, really tight, instrumental, mathrock/post-punk guitar/bass/drums outfit. This is their second album, and unlike their rather excellent, but also rather different first, I hear a lot of The Magic Band in this album, albeit done without the distinctive slide guitars of TMB.
All the players are tremendous, but special note must be made of drummer Sean Dali, who manages to play insanely complicated stuff while making goofy faces and pretending to poke himself in the eye with his sticks, etc. (since this doesn't have a bonus DVD, you'll just have to trust me on this one). A winner of the math slice 'n' dice school!

"Ahleuchatistas is a slamming instrumental rock trio that has been active since 2001. Out of print for years, their second album was recorded fresh off of tour in a blistering hot basement and stands as one of the most intense documents of compositional rock complexity ever recorded. Reissued here with five exciting bonus tracks from the same sessions, this is a long awaited reissue of a cult rock masterpiece."
Sean Dail: Drums
Shane Perlowin: Guitar
Derek Poteat: Bass
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