Ainigma - Diluvium CD

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A fun, loud, heavy progressive hard rock album that was recorded in early 1973. Includes two bonus tracks that total over 23', including a 18' instrumental! It gets sorta boring saying over and over again what a great job Garden of Delights do with their reissues, but, this is another great one by them. "The group was founded in 1972 from Wolfgang Netzer and Michael Klüter and Ainigma exsisted for two years but they have only left for us this wonderful album. The original pressing is one of the hardest to find private releases that came out of Germany and collectors are paying nearly 300$ for the original. The sound of this three-piece is easy to describe: it's total heaviness, very very loud and simply great. I would compare them with Deep Purple or early Uriah Heep. It's organ-based heaviness but also very dreamy, for all those brothers who want to take a psychedelic journey. This album contains five very long tracks and one of my faves is the title-track that is over ten minutes long, where Ainigma are showing the musical abilities. But every track is a killer.The cover of the re-issue is different to the original, but still very fine and it's one of my favourite cover-artworks. When it comes to uncompromising German heavy rock, this is one of the best records of this time. It's sad that this killer band has only released one album."
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