Mori, Ikue/Mark Nauseef/Evan Parker/Bill Laswell - Near Nadir

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"Tzadik is proud to present this historic meeting of four major figures in the new music pantheon, each a master improviser and groundbreaking instrumentalist in their own right. Their work together is symbiotic, telepathic—the music powerful and sensitive, sustaining a hypnotic mood with great attention to detail and subtle nuance. Mixed to perfection by Bill Laswell, this is a landmark recording of electro-acoustic improvisation featuring four pioneers of the genre. Mindblowing!"
Bill Laswell: Basses
Ikue Mori: Electronics
Evan Parker: Soprano Sax
Mark Nauseef: Bent Metal, Meditation Bells, Chinese Drums, Woodblocks, Tom-tom

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  • LabelTzadik
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