Aka Moon / Aka Balkan Moon / AlefBa - Double Live 2 x CDs

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"Aka Balkan Moon and AlefBa are two projects, the core of which is Aka Moon, that essential jazz trio (Fabrizio Cassol : sax, St├ęphane Galland : drums, Michel Hatzigeorgiou : bass). Their refreshing approach to jazz and to ethnic musical genres such as funk and rock gives the trio a highly distinctive sound. In their richly filled career they have worked with dozens of artists from different backgrounds in numerous projects. The Aka Balkan Moon project draws its inspiration from the gypsy tradition of the Balkans. Assisted by violinist Tcha Limberger and Italian pianist Fabian Fiorini, the trio went in search of musical fellow travellers and found four virtuoso Bulgarian musicians. The result is a unique blend between contemporary jazz and traditional folk music. The AlefBa project brings together 12 artists, half of them coming from Europe, the other half from Syria, Egypt and Lebanon, in order to create what could be called a Musical and Poetic Suite in Arabic Languages. But AlefBa is not solely a Mediterranean project; it also brings together universal, unidentifiable souls at the crossroads of several origins, between gipsy, Transylvanian and Balkan cultures."
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