Aka Moon - Amazir

Aka Moon are one of the best known modern jazz/jazz-rock bands from Belgium. They are a trio of Fabrizio Cassol-sax, Michael Hatzigeorgiou-electric bass and Stephane Galland-drums, plus guests or not, depending on the CD or the project that they are working on. This one includes Fabian Fiorini-piano, the great Magic Malik-flute & vocals plus Nelson Veras-guitar and Robin Eubanks-trombone. "This is a group that from the outset seemed to be in a state of grace. Ever since their 1992 debut, after visiting the Aka pygmies of Central Africa, the musicians of Aka Moon have constantly been seeking out new encounters. The originality of their itinerary is astonishing and has revealed unsuspected worlds of melody and rhythm. Encounters are also a feature of Amazir: this session sees Aka Moon in the company of such internationally acknowledged musicians as Robin Eubanks (USA), Fabian Fiorini (Belgium), Magic Malik (France) and Nelson Veras (Brazil). This recording is special in not having been conceived as a uniform sequence of traditional musical numbers in ‘standard forms’, as was true of Aka Moon in the past. All the pieces on this CD are independent of each other, though there are a few cross-over features: on the one hand there are Cuban influences with characteristic rhythms; on the other hand these compositions are an extension of music inspired by the Yi Ching, the Chinese book of divination, with its particular harmonic vibrations. This give and take has produced 10 fairly short, autonomous pieces that reflect the musical preoccupations and improvising skills of these musicians united in the studio by the idea of letting each express his own musical vision, following the specificity of his own background. Let yourself be guided along this journey to the outer limits of musical style, where the traditional label of ‘jazz’ is expanded to reflect the musical approach of Aka Moon today."
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