VSPRS/Fabrizio Cassol - Music Inspired by Vespro Della Beata Vergine

Fabrizio Cassol is the saxist of Aka Moon and for this stage performance, he has written a score for Aka plus a bunch of guests on instruments like sackbuts, cornets, recorders, violin, flute, double bass and female vocals. "When the choreographer Alain Platel suggested to Fabrizio Cassol the idea of writing music inspired by Claudio Monteverdi’s Vespri della Beata Vergine for the dance production VSPRS, it became clearly necessary to involve three constellations of musicians as different as the members of the baroque ensemble Oltremontano under the direction of Wim Becue, the gypsies Tcha Limberger and Vilmos Csikos, and the all-rounders of Aka Moon. The singers succeeded wonderfully in expressing themselves within this constellation of musicians and in making the link that has ensured a common musical feel, a group sound that lies at the heart of this enchanting and fascinating new version of the Vespri. While attempting to preserve Monteverdi’s original spirit, Fabrizio Cassol has often replaced the original Western colours with oriental hues, introducing Indian ragas and melodic and rhythmic turns of phrase from sub-Saharan or gypsy music. The vocal treatment is dramatised to a greater extent, the role of the sole voice being that of a story teller, a master of ceremonies, or a medium of invisible forces. Running through this version are three interweaving, symbolic lyrical parts: the voice as bearer of the creative spirit, the violin as a heavenly chant, and Stéphane Galland’s percussion as a song of the earth. These three ‘axes’ are complemented by an ever fluid baroque spirit thanks to the playing of the early instruments, the whole being untiringly supported by the calmly solid strength of the bass (Michel Hatzigeorgiou) and the cello (Vilmos Csikos). A monument of classical music revamped from top to bottom to create the explosive language of a collective vibration matching the pace set by the dancers."
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