Akku Quintet - Live CD

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Manuel Pasquinelli - Drums
Michael Gilsenan - Sax & Fx
Markus Escher - Guitar
Maja Nydegger - Grand Piano, Keys
Andi Schnellmann - Bass

Led by drummer & composer Manuel Pasquinelli (of Sonar) and including bassist Andi Schnellman (of Schnellertollermeier), Akku Quintet take the ‘Swiss zen maximalist/minimalist approach’ of Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin, Sonar, and Schnellertollermeier to a different, but utterly logical conclusion. Fabulous stuff. Recommended!

“Live takes you on a 75-minute long musical journey and leads you into the cosmos of Swiss-based AKKU Quintet. It contains five songs from different stages of the group's history, recorded at various locations between 2016 and 2020.
You’ll hear the touch and character of each player, acting as a part of the ensemble to create this atmospheric, minimalistic yet livingly driving music. No edits, loops or overdubs areon this record.”
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