Alio Die / Lorenzo Montanà - Dialogue Of Water CD

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The third collaborative work from Italian artists Alio Die and Lorenzo Montanà is an electro-acoustic rumination upon the shimmerings of water. The refined electronics perfectly integrate with the sounds of acoustic origin -- the magic is enthralling. The sonorities of original ethnic instruments such as the psaltery, the rebab (a low stringed instrument similar to the lute, with resonating strings), and the duduk combine with the understated textures of synths, drones and loops. The eight pieces move through pure ambient streams, almost ancestral, evolving out of time. It's a fluid, beatless territory that drifts, in the course of seventy minutes, through pure ambient vistas and the call-to-prayer feel of sacredly inspired music.
Alio explains, "The eight musical creations from the deep reaches of the earth push to the sky with extreme mastery and power. The symbiosis of the colors of the soundscapes reflects the extreme specularity of the palette Lorenzo and I each bring to the work as companions of poetry, chasing and blending without stopping among the chasms of the abyss up to the top of the highest mountains. The water cycle traverses every realm of existence. It breathes life into the earth from gaseous regime to flowing fluid to glacial crystal. In the dialogue of the water the light rays are reflected, the colors of the sky and of the green, the perfume after the rain, or after a snowfall, the mists and the rainbows, the dew, the tears."
The semi-ritual echoes of Dialogue of Water connect within a spectrum of meditation and emotional soundscapes. The boundary is liquid: the perfect translation of a perpetual flow veiled by a surrounding graceful mood.”
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