Thirsty Moon - Blitz CD

First-ever legitimate reissue from mastertapes of Thirsty Moon's third album, originally released on Brain in 1975.

"This is Thirsty Moon' s 3rd album, originally recorded in 1974, released early 1975 on famous German label Brain. All instruments were played by band founders Jürgen and Norbert Drogies. The album is far away considered as a solo album, the Drogies brothers created a true 'band-sound' following the traces of the first two albums but without the jazz influence. The sound on Blitz is more rock-oriented added with electronic loops and synthesizer playing, still based on great guitar playing and varied drum playing. Blitz still contained many unmistakable elements typical of Thirsty Moon. For the first time released a CD remastered from master tape, it comes with three bonus tracks including one Blitz recording session outtake and both titles of 1977 released 7" 'I'll Sing Your Song' / 'Caught.' With a 12-page booklet, never seen before photos and liner notes by band leader Jürgen Drogies. A must for all lovers of Thirsty Moon and Krautrock."
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