Orme - Ad Gloriam

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The first album by this band, who later gained fame for their classical rock albums in the early 1970's and beyond. Here they are a quintet of organ/celeste/electric piano, guitars, flutes, cellos, bass, drums and vocals, this is psychedelic beat music; just what you would expect for 1968 and excellent, wide-eyed and innocent stuff. Acid leads, cute harmonies, sound affects and lots of paisleys! And they play all the orchestrations themselves.! It is a lot of fun hearing them (and it is quite obviously them) playing this stuff. Some folks think it is the best psychedelic album to come out of 1960s Italy; I'm not familiar enough to comment, but I will say that it's very good.

"Ad Gloriam is a colorful album blending that whimsically paisley West Coast psych element including great vocal harmonies, backwards guitar loops, freakbeat allusions and some exquisite orchestral arrangements....Aldo Tagliapietra still handles the lead vocals and flute while Michi Del Rossi as always adds his strong tympanic talents and Toni Pagliuca performs on his organ and electric piano. Although quite a diversion from their classic prog sounds, "Ad Gloriam" is a simply masterful piece of psychedelia and must be owned by all lovers of music. Definitely wear some flowers in your hair when travelling to Italy."-progarchives.com

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