Alquin - The Marks Sessions 2 x CDs

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The album Marks (from 1972) was the first release by this six piece Dutch progressive rock sextet and was one of their two best releases. This is not that album! This is ALL previously unreleased material leading up to the album, including a disc of demos from 1971, as well as a live concert from July 2nd, 1972, just before the group recorded Marks and also starting to point towards their second album The Mountain Queen. The group consisted of vocals, guitars, piano/organ, saxes/flute, bass and drums. Lots of excellent instrumental passages, and good singing as well. This is one of those bands I had always heard of but had never heard until many years later, and they were a fine, if still second- league ensemble. Obviously this is for people who are already fans, but if you are a fan, this will blow your mind!
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